A guide to easy 10x trades

or how to acquire a proper mindset for trading

Easy 10x trades…

Sounds awesome, I’m finally gonna be rich.

Let me call my local Lambo — dealer.

Mooooon ! Hell yes!

I rather tell you this now the hard and unpleasant way than beautifully worded with no meaning behind it.

It’s a lie !

There is no such thing as easy in trading

and whoever tells you otherwise just wants to make money off of you. The market is a c*nt and will try anything to shake you out of your positions but your worst enemy is not gonna be the evil algos and “manipulating” market makers but only you.

You probably have seen countless charts of dozens of traders on crypto-twitter doing leveraged trading and their insane amounts of PnL and you think you can do and want to do the same?

The short and painful answer to a beginner is:

NO, you can’t — at least not at the very beginning.

You probably ask yourself why should I even read this ? He obviously clickbaited me into reading this nonsense!

I don’t need this, just tell me which strategy you use and I can do this on my own — k/thx/bye

My main focus in this article is to elaborate the difficulties a new trader will likely encounter when starting off.

But what makes me entitled to talk about this and even educate you about this matter ?

Because I have been there myself and since I haven’t had a mentor or anyone helping me I had to go through all the good and bad experiences myself and still experience everything I talk about to this very day.

What does this mean ?

Trading most of the time is a mental game. Understanding the basics of technical analysis is not the issue here, you can learn most of the things within six months depending on how much time you’re willing to invest. Applying your analysis, refining your strategy and trading the analysis you do is where the hard part comes in.

Trading is not only psychologically exhausting but also physically:

The more stress you have while trading the more your body is going to react to the exposed factors. You are going to have nightmares, suffer from sleep deprivation, anxiety attacks, anger but also experience joy and excitement after winning trades.

Trading itself can be very stressful and can put a lot of stress on your body and on your mind.

But it doesn’t and shouldn’t be this way!

The mindset

If you have decided to start trading to get rich quick or at least quickly make up for the losses you have taken after bitcoin’s 2017 bullrun trading is NOT for you. On the contrary, you will burn your money away quicker than you can say “liquidation“.

Why is that, you ask ?

Because you are always going to feel the need to be trading. Trading with the sole purpose of making up the losses you have taken. You’re always going to feel the obligation to be in a position without taking a break, because the one missed opportunity could have brought you closer and faster towards your goal of achieving financial freedom.

It’s a longterm game

Yes, it’s a game and you are playing against thousands of other players, people who are smarter than you and algorithms who don’t care about your feelings and how hard you have earned your money.

“The market is a c*nt and will devour you, spit you out and digest you over and over again until there is nothing left of you”

I know, it’s a very vivid depiction, but that’s how reality is.

But what is the right mindset Sir ?

Easily putSmall compounding gains over fast big results

As I have already said at the beginning, there is no easy way. There is no strategy that will render you a 100% strikerate and only winning trades.

“This is a game about minimizing your risk and maximizing your profits”

You may have already taken some positions and even had some profitable trades. It was very much exciting, right ?

The adrenalline rushing through your body when you hit the buy button and observed the candles how they turned green and you looked upon your position and the potential unrealized gains how they turned bigger and bigger. And when you finally hit the sell button your wallet balance was bigger than before — Pure joy. You certainly wanted to repeat the same thing immediately after? No, you shall not !

Easy come, easy go

Assuming your first trade was a winner, you certainly should not enter a new position immediately after! You probably don’t have any kind of trading rules established at this point and your mere focus is on winning fast. The danger that comes with this is immense: Fueled by the excitement of making “easy“ money and the expectation of repeating this will lead you into commiting mistakes and take unnecessary risks by rushing into positions you haven’t completely thought through or even worse you raised your position size because you could “win“ more money faster this way.

Back to the hypothetical situation this being your first trade ever:

Once you have closed your position and enjoyed the view upon your newly earned gains I urge you to step away from your screen. Do something completely different. Do some workout, go out, meet friends but take a break. Once some time has passed you can come back to the chart, preferably the next day not only to be confronted with a fresh new situation in front of you but also a fresh new mind.

What’s important is you need to establish a healthy reactionary behaviour after having a winner or a loser. Chasing the market either way will get you burned very quickly.

In case of having a losing trade, step away and let your emotions calm down. Losing money is never fun but you need to get emotionally disconnected in order to re-evaluate the situation and learn from your mistakes.

I know it’s tempting to watch the charts all day long and wait for the next big move, but I can tell you this: You can still participate in the big moves without being glued to your screen. And in case you missed a breakout, guess what: It’s ok to miss